Razzak compressed HTML file maker and viewer

Razzak-Viewer Cross Platform Help And Documentation Authoring.
This is to make a single compressed file of several html pages. The compressed file can be opened to view the html files, search for keyword, navigate by index. It can be used to make help file, documentation or technical reference etc. The environment is somewhat similar to chm & this may be used as an alternative to chm. Two programs are included, one to make the single bundle of the html files and another is to open/view the file. The file can be made or viewed on both windows and linux with OS specific viewer and maker.

Example is included. For a quick start — store all the html files in a folder, you want to include in the bundle. Run the maker program. Select the folder having html files. Click on make button. This will make a single file having every files inside the selected folder. Now Run the viewer program and open the bundle file to view.

The viewer can be opened from command line as:
rzv bundle.hhf

Note: Use simple html files instead of complex html with frames and background. If the html files are having reference to gif images, convert the gif images to png or keep gif2png in your bin path to convert automatically, before making bundle. No need to convert/modify html image source/link reference from gif to png.
Minor bugfix: If code/text copied from viewer and pasted on Delphi IDE, it does not compile. Fixed now in version 1.1
"Maker" Bugfix: "Make Index Like Start Page" fails on Windows. Fixed.
Splitter added to resize content panel.
Maker Screenshot:
You are free to use it anyway you like. You may distribute the viewer with the bundle file. The binary files are upx compressed. You may also download the source files.
For the other component, tool or library, please read their respective licensing conditions.
The programs are built on Lazarus/ Free Pascal IDE.
The programs are using following libraries and tools (beside many other nice components/Pascal):
– Turbopower IPRO HTML Viewer.
– Single File Data Storage by Murariu Alexandru.
mail: muralexandru@yahoo.com
– Silk icon set 1.3 by Mark James.
File size:
Razzak-Win.zip 1.88 MB
Razzak-Lin.zip 2.78 MB
Windows Version
Linux Version
Source Windows Version

Source Linux Version

Date – March 18, 2009.


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