Gender Equality and unrest in Bangladesh. What is the fact?

Recently (April 6, 2011) there is unrest in Bangladesh regarding gender equality and education law for children. I could not really understand the real thing behind it. Like, what is the exact law, that is declared by the government. I do not read newspaper or watch television much, also I do not have chance (or simply do not) communicate with people much. So, I could not find the exact information. I tried to search the web and what is found is vague. Finally I asked an elderly person of our mosque, and he informed me that it’s also not very clear to him, but the thing is, the government has declared law which makes

1. Female’s right to the property equal as male. And,

2. Children are not allowed to study Islam up to a certain age or class.

Now, considering government’s law, this goes against the holy Quran, Surah Nisa, verse 11. According to Quran, female’s right to the property is half comparing to male. I am not stating the verse here, as this can be found on many pages on the web. There are also many other rules and fatwa which can be read if you are interested.

By the way here is a nice software to calculate portion of the property among inheritors according to Islam. I think this is the best Islamic software. Link is:

Try it. It’s a web based program written in javascript. So nothing to install.

Anyway, what has done by the government is wrong and they should change the law. And regarding children – school etc., there is nothing in Islam about school or madrasa. So, let the government do whatever is assumed as good by them. It’s parent’s duty to teach their children Islam, religion, rules etc. When the children are grown up they would know the basics and if they are interested they may study more. It’s up to them, up to Allah in fact. Allah decides who to have knowledge, who to have useless knowledge and who to have none.

Don’t take it seriously what I said here about the government law, as the source of my information can’t be said as accurate. But if anything goes against the holy Quran, then sure be against them. Also please let me know, if you have accurate information about the government decision or law.

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2 thoughts on “Gender Equality and unrest in Bangladesh. What is the fact?

  1. Rabiul Bhai As sala mu alay kum. In the earth we come & back by the system of Al-mighty Allah.So why we ignore the Allah Constitution “Al-Quran” ? If we able to anything without his knowledge then I say possible to ignore The Quran Laws,But its true nothing is moving or nothing is doing without Allah order,so as a intelligent men/women must follow the Allah rule which he describe in Quran.

    May Allah bless you.

    Kamal Bhai,Chittagong.

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