Making Liquid Flux

I was interested to test liquid flux for soldering. But could not get it from the local shops. Then tried to make it, and the result is satisfactory.

I used rosin and methylated spirit. Both can be found in any hardware shop where paint, varnish and painting chemicals are available. Procedure is simple, mix the rosin with methylated spirit. I used approximately 30% rosin and 70% methylated spirit.

The rosin is sold in chunk form. Break it as you need. No need to grind, as it is soluble in methylated spirit. Put the rosin in a can or bottle. Pour spirit to it. I don’t know the standard ratio, so 30/70 as mentioned before. Anyway close the lid after adding spirit. After a few hours the rosin would dissolve completely and ready to use.

After soldering the circuit board should be cleaned. I use a toothbrush and methylated spirit for cleaning.

Note: Methylated spirit is poisonous.

Methylated spirit, Rosin and the Mixture.

* Rosin এখানকার হার্ডওয়্যার দোকানগুলোতে রজন নামে বেশী পরিচিত। আপনি দোকানে গিয়ে “এক লিটার বার্ণিশের  স্পিরিট আর দশ টাকার রজন” এর কথা বলতে পারেন।

Please advise if you know any activator for this. Thank you in advance.

** It is much better to dissolve rosin in acetone/nc thinner, instead of methylated spirit.

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