PicKit2 Clone PCB

I am trying the toner transfer method to make PCB. And this PicKit2 clone is a part of that practice. Earlier I made PicKit2 clone on stripboard, and this time it is on a single layer PCB with almost same schematic [ “Image 2”, https://rabiuls.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/rough-pad/ ].

Download DesignSpark schematic, pcb from the link bellow. If you want to make it using toner transfer method, there is a pdf file inside the zip archive ‘PicKit2-PCB-Bottom.pdf’. Print it on the “right paper” you think (without mirror) and iron.



I have used the inductor of unknown value (no label on it, and having no LC meter). I have used some components with different value comparing to some other schematics found on the web. For instance I have not used a schottky or any diode on ICSP header pin # 2 (VDD), as using a diode gives me error. If you get VPP error you may replace the value of R3 to 2.7K (I used 2.2K) or value of C1 to 47uF (I used 10uF). You may also use the capacitor C7 of 10uF, while mine is 100uF – this is not much important. Anyway, if you really get VPP error, try changing the value of R3, then try with changing value of C1. The one I made is working and ok for me. But I can’t assure that this will also work for you. If you have any other schematic/PCB which works OK, and you have all the parts exactly as mentioned in the schematic, I recommend you to build that one instead of this.

PicKit2 Clone PCB:

PicKit2 Board:

PicKit2 Board With Component Value:

PicKit2 Board Bottom:

Best of luck.

Parts List:

Ref Name    Value    Component
Q1        BC547
Q3        BC547
Q4        BC547
Q2        BC557
C3    22pF    CAPPTH
C4    22pF    CAPPTH
C6    100nF    CAPPTH
C5    0.47uF    CP
C1    10uF    CP
C7    100uF    CP
D1        DIODE1N4148
L1    680mH    L
1        PIC18F2550
JP1        PINHD-1X6
R1    1K    R
R3    2K2    R
R2    4K7    R
R10    4K7    R
R15    4K7    R
R16    4K7    R
R5    10K    R
R6    10K    R
R8    10K    R
R17    22k    R
R4    100K    R
R7    100R    R
R9    100R    R
R13    100R    R
R14    100R    R
R11    330R    R
R12    330R    R
X1        USBPTH
XTAL1    20 MHz    XTAL


27 thoughts on “PicKit2 Clone PCB

  1. Diode is necessary for connecting to powered targets otherwise target power will clash with usb power, I recommend to use a schotty diode, use ss12 or ss14 smd from any old motherboard.

  2. I tried with schottky diode 1N-5817, but it did not work. This is the only schottky diode, presently I have. But, without diode it is working perfectly, both with external power source and without it. I am getting no error.

    If I find ss12 or ss14, I may try it. Thank you for the suggestion. Till then, let’s run it without diode, as practically it’s working.

    1. They are selling pickt2 clone in high price (Tk. 5000). So this is impossible for a hobbyist to buy such a thing. L1-680mh is not available in Dhaka. How can I make this in hand?

      1. Dear Tinku,
        You can google to find how to make inductor, calculator for the required wire, length, turn, core etc. You would also need a LC meter (very expensive) to check your experiment. But, practically I think it will not be successful. May be I am wrong. You may purchase it at a very cheap price from “Telecom Spares”, Patuatuli, Dhaka, or for Chittagong – “Famous Electronics”, Ice Factory Road, Near “City College”.

        You have to invest some money to start this microcontroller things. And these are not very cheap. Personally I think Tk.5,000/= is reasonable, if it works properly.

        I wish and hope you will be able to make one by yourself. Try again, else, what to do? 🙂

        Best regards.

  3. hi brother.. i used ur schematic to make the board.. have not soldered the conections yet because im confused on 1 thing.. u did not include a button for bootloader.. will that be a problem?and also i didnt find 680mH inductor so ill try making one my self..the firware which you gave is that working in this model? does this pickit2 need bootloader program to work? if so where can i find it and how can i install it.. someone told me it will use another programmer so please guide me
    sorry for bad english and im a newbie since im in 2nd semester of E.E and this is the 6th semester project. and does 4k7 mean 4.7k? and 330R = 330ohms ?
    please reply or my money wud be wasted on this board 😦

    1. Hello brother,
      Don’t worry about the bootloader. When you install the pickit 2 software (version 2.61), you will get the hex file “PK2V023200.hex” inside folder “C:\Program Files\Microchip\PICkit 2 v2\”. Use that. Regarding the inductor, it is 100uH that I am using. Now, I have made an inductance meter, so I could measure. But original design recommends to use 680uH (not mH, I made mistake in writing earlier). Although now I have 680uH inductor, I have not changed it, since 100uH is working. And I still using this one without any problem.

      When you are going to make this one, take care about bridge between tracks. I tried to make it without using any jumper. So the tracks and gaps are thin. If you can handle this, hope it will work Inshallah.

      Best of luck.

    1. 4k7=4.7kohm & 330r = 330 ohm, you will need another programmer to program 18f2550 first time, after that you may update its firmware using pickit2 standalone application through usb.

  4. thank you so much for your reply rabiul bhai.. 1 more thing which software should i use to program 18f2550 and the same hex file pk2V023200 will be burnt through that program? and that inductance problem was getting on my nerve thanks for solving it… 680uH is easily available from market..<3

  5. oh now i know what you mean…. like i need another pic kit to program 18f2550 then insert it in to the board…then after burning the firmware i can connect the usb and update the firmware 🙂
    sorry im a newbie *_*

  6. Hello.

    I am trying to make this. but i didnt manage to get c5 which is 0.47uF.

    what should i do now?

    Please help me. Thanks.

      1. Thanks. Its working. 🙂 but sometimes when i plug it at usb, its red light start flashing and shows no os in pickit 2 software. after reconnect the usb cable, it goes away and works as it should. what may cause this?

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