Asus T101MT Fresh Windows 7 Starter Install, And Remove Unnecessary Programs

Upgrade RAM:

You can add 1GB RAM (DDR2, 800 MHz) to Asus T101MT. So total RAM will be 2GB, 1GB is built in.

Asus T101mt bios/boot keys:

Esc : Enter boot menu to select hdd/usb etc.

F2 : BIOS setup

F9 : Recovery/Backup

** To use recovery/backup or installing fresh windows, first enter BIOS setup by pressing F2 and disable ” Boot Booster” from Boot menu.

Drivers can be found on Asus site bellow or softpedia:

Install fresh windows 7 starter from USB. The key is printed on sticker bellow the battery.

Install these drivers and utilities:

  • Chipset [ ]
  • VGA [ ]
  • TouchPad [ ]
  • KB Filter Utility [ ]
  • ECam Utility [ ]
  • Camera Driver [ ]

Download “Touch Series Application for Win 7” –, and extract. Inside the extracted folder “TouchAP” go to folder “PenWrite”, install it by running Setup.exe.

In the “TouchAP” folder go to “TouchSuite\2DoorWay\” and run AsusSetup.exe.  This will install the program needed to rotate the screen by pressing Express Gate button. Press and hold down this button for a while to get the screen rotation interface.


You can use any program/launcher (*.exe) for using with Express Gate button. A short press & release on this button will launch the application. Rename your application/launcher to TouchGate.exe, create a folder as

C:\Program Files\ASUS\TouchGate

and keep the TouchGate.exe inside the folder. Now a short press on Express Gate button will launch this application and a long press (and hold) will bring the screen rotate interface. You can copy the “osk.exe” from c:\windows\system32 and rename it to TouchGate.exe to launch the On Screen Keyboard.

* Run regedit and go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run”. Keep the following entries, remove others:
“PenWrite”=”C:\\Program Files\\ASUS\\PenWrite\\PenWrite.exe AutoRun”
“HotkeyMon”=”AsusSender.exe C:\\Program Files\\EeePC\\HotkeyService\\HotKeyMon.exe”
“HotkeyService”=”AsusSender.exe C:\\Program Files\\EeePC\\HotkeyService\\HotkeyService.exe”
“TouchHomeKey”=”C:\\Program Files\\asus\\TouchHomeKey\\TouchHomeKey.exe”

So far, that’s all for now. By default Asus installs lots of programs which are not necessary. Many of them are Run in startup in the background, which occupies RAM. Many are for automatic update, which is useless I think.

* To show MyComputer icon on the Desktop, open terminal and enter the following command:

“C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe” shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,Web,0

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8 thoughts on “Asus T101MT Fresh Windows 7 Starter Install, And Remove Unnecessary Programs

  1. Hi,
    regarding the Touchgate, you said ‘You can copy the “osk.exe” from c:\windows\system32 and rename it to TouchGate.exe to launch the On Screen Keyboard.’
    1. When you copy the “osk.exe” and rename it. where then do you paste it?
    2. Is it possible to format the asus hard drive completely and re-install the windows 7 from scratch without installing any of the asus softwares? Would the netbook perform optimally?

    1. Hello,

      You would keep the renamed “osk.exe” to TouchGate.exe, inside the following folder:
      C:\Program Files\ASUS\TouchGate\

      It is possible to format everything and install windows 7 from scratch. And no need to install any driver from Asus. So far as I remember, the “Express Gate” button and camera would not work without driver. Graphics quality is probably Superior with the driver. Anyway, test it by yourself. Since it’s been a while, I don’t remember everything accurately. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your reply. You said ‘the “Express Gate” button and camera would not work without driver’ pls where can I get the express gate driver.?
    2. Regarding reinstalling from scratch, my Asus T101MT came with windows 7 starter upgraded to win 7 home premium using windows anytime upgrade. But problem is how to get ‘windows 7 starter’ iso . There is nowhere online to download win 7 starter as I need to install it first in order to do the home premium upgrade. I learnt the win 7 starter disc that came with the Asus cannot be put on bootable usb because it also contains the Asus recovery files (which will automatically re-install the bloated softwares anyway )
    Pls do you know where I can get a win 7 starter iso.? (I haven’t got an external dvd player to install the win 7 starter disc)

    1. Hello,
      As I mentioned before, you would get the drivers at

      You may get windows starter iso from the torrent sites, for example you can get it here:

      The complete torrent is very large – 29 GB. You don’t have to download all the versions of windows, just download your required starter edition. Install it with your own product key printed under the battery. Using this method is not illegal I assume, since you are using your own key.

      To install this on Asus MT101 you would need an external dvd drive. Or use a pendrive and another computer to make the pendrive bootable to install windows 7.

      By the way, you can use any hard disk partition utility. Rearrange/repartition the disk, format it completely, if necessary. And then install windows starter. You can use “PartedMagic” livecd (make it bootable from pendrive if not having external dvd drive) and gparted for this purpose. This is free. I did for my Asus something like this. (After installing fresh windows and drivers I made a backup image with the utility “partimage” – can be found in “PartedMagic”. So whenever a virus or something wrong occurs, I would format the c:\ drive and restore the backup image – which is very quick. No need to use any antivirus, as I think antivirus is also doing the same thing like viruses do and slows system.). Anyway, you may ignore my this suggestion, it’s up to you.

      Hope you would be successful this time.

      Best regards.

      Note: To download a particular file from a torrent having many other files (for your case, you only need windows starter ISO) you can use “uTorrent”. You would get the option on “Files” tab. Right click on each file and select whether to download it or skip. Take care.

      1. hi,
        Thanks for your help and ideas here which is really great. I am currently downloading win 7 iso and hope to complete the whole process soon.
        Pls I have another question to which I hope you would have some ideas about. It is regarding turning DVD films into iso image and saving them to hard disc so you can watch or play them on a laptop with no dvd drive. I have read different tutorials online on how to do this the ‘best way’. However my thought is that is it not possible to simply copy the dvd and paste into your hard disc and play it from there?
        Would it not work that way or must we first turn the DVD film into iso image first?

  3. Hello Sam,

    Mostly, I also watch the movies from DVD by copying it on hard disk first. I copy only the *.vob files from the DVD. Then watch it with VLC media player, after that delete the vob file. I do not make ISO, so don’t know much about this. But if you make iso or something like that, you would be able to mount it on any virtual dvd drive and use the “menu” feature of the DVD. But I don’t need the feature “menu” much, so didn’t go that way. Take care.

    Best regards.

  4. My rotation button still does not function although I installed the 2doorway from the suite folder. Could you please send me the steps how to make it work.


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