App for Symphony W5 – Android 2.3 Gingerbread


Here, I wish to put app for Symphony W5 (or other), if I have the ability.

1. Missed Call Alert:

Phone should be rooted to use this app.

You may already know that Symphony W5 does not have the missed call alert led. Here is a small app that would blink the key’s back-led – at approximately 5 seconds interval – for missed call & SMS.

There is nothing to configure. After install, when you open the app you would see like bellow:

This app would run at start-up automatically. The button ‘Stop Service’ will stop catching missed call/SMS, the app will exit. But it will start when you Reboot your phone. Or you can also start it by clicking it’s icon.

Button ‘Uninstall’ will uninstall the app.

Press Home button on your phone to leave this window.

That’s all for now. You can download it from the link bellow:

MissedCallAlert  136 kb

Thank you. And Happy New Year!!!!

January 1, 2013.

2. CameraSketch:

[[[ This app is dedicated to Sahin bhai (Microcontroller guru), actually who inspired me to program on android. Although I haven’t made anything big or any killer app, but I enjoy programming the android. A tiny system that can be put inside your pocket, and you can write program for it, which has a display too!!! Isn’t is nice :)!!! Thanks Sahin bhai. May Allah bless you.]]]

This app uses camera to take pictures, and makes them something like pencil/charcoal sketch as above. It also makes the picture simple grayscale image as bellow, which is the original source of the above sketch (although two shots were made for each picture):

Maximum resolution is 640×480, which it makes automatically.

This app needs a SDCard to function. A folder would be made by it on SDCard named as “CameraSketch”. There the images are stored.

There is settings (Menu->Option) for sketch like the image bellow:

Different results can be achieved by changing the Depth and Gamma value. A little change in these makes big difference on the output result.

This is completely free and no license has been implemented :), and it is with the source-code – so that you can make change if necessary, or just take a look.


apk [175 kb]


Thank you.

Feb. 15, 2013.



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