Istegfar Bengali to English Dictionary

A Bengali to English dictionary, both for Linux and Windows. Linux version was tested on Linux Mint 14, and Windows 7 for the win version. There is ability to search for an English word in description data. New word can be added.


Windows Version

Linux Version

April 10, 2013.


3 thoughts on “Istegfar Bengali to English Dictionary

  1. assalamualaikum,
    nice to see u in dev track, by the way the name of the sw is awesome, i just came here to explore more being interested in the name.

    1. Wa alaikumussalaam Arafat bhai. Long time no see! Hope everything is going well by the grace of Allah. The name 🙂 – well, it just came to my mind. Glad to know that you liked it.

      Take care and Best regards.

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