Crazy web development, and something about Artisteer [vs|and|or] TemplateToaster

First of all, let me inform you that I don’t know much about web development or website related things. I know little html to make simple page. Usually used “Kompozer” for that. Before, this was not such complicated as now it is. For example SEO, Responsive etc. lots of things, and I know almost nothing about these. So please don’t take my word seriously, there might be mistake.

Anyway, recently a friend of mine requested me to make an online e-shop or shopping cart for him. Hope you have understood what a shopping cart is. Or google for shopping cart, you will get numerous results. However, shopping cart is a webpage, where you can post your product with price, picture, description etc., and people can visit your site and buy your product, online. That’s it. So, I thought it is easy to make a shopping cart and told my friend that I would do it within a day.

In fact, it is easy, a shopping cart can be installed with a few mouse click using “Softaculas” – a cpanel ‘item’ to install various free software on your website easily. So, I did it. Installed a shopping cart, configured a little bit and showed my friend. He was happy and satisfied. But asked me to change some portions or layout. I said ‘ok’. And then it started.

I thought why not build or modify a shopping cart to have more control. I downloaded numerous software and what not! It is so troublesome, that I never imagined! May be it’s for me, as I don’t know these things much. I repeated modifying this or that. Nothing could make me 100% satisfied. Seems like I can never make a final site to upload. Now I understand, one should select a script or cart, and upload it as soon as possible. If any problem occurs, solve it then. If solving is not possible, let it as it is. Nothing is perfect. And what the problem you are trying to solve, it may too important to you now, but in fact it is nothing that much to think about. You don’t understand now, because you are in illusion now, as I was – modify – repeat – modify – repeat. Well, that’s it.

During the time of “testing”, I used two software that are very beautiful. One is Artisteer and another is TemplateToaster. Both are almost similar – they make theme or template in a easy way. But I think TemplateToaster is better than Artisteer. If you are an Artisteer user you may ask ‘why’ or something like that. Well, I told at the very first line, that I am not a web developer. So, it doesn’t matter what I say. If you think Artisteer is better than TemplateToaster, then ok. I agree, no problem :). Well, let’s see what’s in TemplateToaster & Artisteer:

I have used trial version of Artisteer and TemplateToaster. Both have unlimited trial period. But each has different limitation. It seems, Artisteer is more cautious or strict about their software. You can not export theme from Artisteer in trial mode. But you can do it with TemplateToaster. But there will be watermark on the images, and their name will be written on the bottom of page. Note: while reading about Artisteer, I found that even after you purchase Artisteer, you have to be online to export your theme. I don’t like this. TemplateToaster supports many more export format than Artisteer. TemplateToaster has more option for working on page, for example slideshow. For slideshow, you will get more option in TemplateToaster than Artisteer. Both exports wordpress theme, but TemplateToaster has option to make it woocommerce compatible. Well, let’s stop it. Try both by yourself, and decide. Thank you 🙂

TemplateToaster link

Artisteer link


Artisteer                                                                TemplateToaster

Artisteer TemplateToasterwp


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