A Nice & Simple PDF Editor

Recently I needed to edit some pdf files. Nothing big, just changing some text. First, I tried the freeware and open source software. But could not find any suitable one. I needed to change/edit text, but keeping other text or images exactly as the original. This thing was not achieved. Those software changed the other things. Then tried trial version of the commercial ones. Since these were trial version, were feature limited. Or, I did not like the interface, or it was a bloatware – too many features and options, like… “could not see forest for the trees” :). However, then I tried a software named “Master PDF Editor”, trial version indeed. But the developers are generous, all the features are available in the trial version, plus – no time limit! Only they print a line of their company name and mentions that it is a demo version. Just one line. No problem for me. The software is very nice. Has all the option one may need to edit a pdf file. You can also draw shapes & many things :), I didn’t try that far. My text editing was accurate and I am satisfied. You may also try it, link of their website:


A screenshot bellow:




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